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Final Project, Cmon Inspiration, fill my brain…

Well, this year, is my last period at Diploma III major study. And now I will start new season of my life in this third year. That season is called by Final Project, and I will make the “Plant Design”.

Yeah I must have full spirit in my mind, full activities as campus activist is never hold me up to do my final project.

Yeah, today I got the briefing about this final project, for ten days from now, we had to fulfill the form which is contain of the partner and the supervisor lecturer, and also the title of my final project. Lucky I got the partner, her name is Nurdina Bestari, I call her Dina. We decided to be a couple partner since first semester, hopefully we can help and do together this final project successfully. And our lecturer is Prof. Dr. Ir. Danawati Prajitno, SE, M.Pd, , yeah Mrs.Dana will supervise us, why i choose her, look her title, like train, so long..but full of inspiration…i wannabe like her, can study everything. She is the *only one* woman who can be a professor, wow..and i hope she can guide our final project..

Now is the time to think the tittle? Inspiration…cmon come here, fill my brain…! Haha. Is it BioEthanol plant? Or other plant…please please…inspiration come in……

Yeah, 105th graduation of ITS (my institute) is waiting for me..and I can graduate my Diploma III Chemical Engineering..amiin..

Hopefully i can be the real graduation student...


3 responses

  1. selamat yah….

    salam kenal..

    19 Oktober 2011 pukul 11:03

  2. emm congratulation ya 😀

    19 Desember 2011 pukul 10:46

  3. didik mujayadi (koko)

    mol,,,,not bioethanol plant.
    but,,,bioethanol plan.
    without T.
    but never mind
    success for my oldest brother (hahahah…you look so old sihhh)
    good luck
    n 105th wait you on september.
    i always support you brother

    28 Agustus 2012 pukul 01:59

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